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Have you ever heard anything about calm technology?

Domotics and home automation is where calm technology finds all its meaning.
The aggressivity displayed by the Philips application on Android is just … not cool at all.
I deactivated automatic updates on my 3 bridges (I have since 2019) because of plugs switching off and on during updates (ones time is too much, so I do not trust anymore).
For my pain, I am asked BEFORE AND AFTER updates if I want to activate the automatic updates.
Question I already answered a few times.
Just to be clear: asking over and over again the same thing, do not care about the answer, and do it twice each time is an aggressive annoyance.
Thanks for the hardware, anyway.

This community is about the Hue Essentials app. Hue Essentials is a third party app for Philips Hue lights. We cannot change anything about the official Philips Hue app which you are talking about. We do not make any hardware. Please contact Philips Hue about your feedback.