Hardware question - light fittings


We are new to Philips Hue. We have just had some building work done on our house and the electrician recommended and installed Philips Hue spotlights for us.

We weren’t aware that not all lights work with Hue (e.g. our chandelier that has lots of G9 bulbs).

We would like all of our lights to work together and be controllable by Hue dimmer switches and Alexa voice commands.

Is it possible to get our existing, non Hue bulb, light fixtures to work with our Hue bridge/system?

I’m assuming some sort of device could be fitted to existing light fixtures but we are complete newbies to this (note: we will also go over he 50 bulbs limit very quickly if our chandelier etc. that has lots of separate bulbs were all to be individual Hue bulbs)

Thank you

Also - as an add to this question - we are looking at G9 bulb chandeliers for our new space as well (i.e. will not have a wired light switch as the electrician has planned for the new space to be all Hue). How would I control this G9 chandelier, that does not have a wired light switch, with my Hue system?

Thank you