Group Brightness increase/decrease not working correctly

Hi all,

I have lights at the entrance of my house. It is a zone “garden” from 4 lights. My standby scene is to have light A on a certain color with brightness 40%, the lights B, C, D are at brightness 10%.

So I mark the entrance in the standby with a brighter light, that’s the idea.

When my motion sensor recognizes a person I do the following action:

group brightness; zone garden; +60%

It works. Sort of. After the event is triggered, ALL lights in the zone are running at 100%.

I supposed that light A will be at 100%, and all other lights at 70%?

The same for decrease.

What is the definition of “increase brightness” if applied to a group of lights?

The increase and decrease brightness actions should do exactly what you want them to do. They should increase/decrease each light individually. So in your situation if the lights are 40%, 10%, 10%, 10%, when you increase brightness 60%, they should be at 100%, 70%, 70%, 70% afterwards.

I am not sure why that is not working for you. I will have to look into it.