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Google assistant support

I have a question.
Will there ever be support for the google assistant.
I Currently have a home mini next to me and i don’t want to switch back to Tuya smart.

Hope to hear

Google assistant supports scenes etc. created with hue essentials, what are you trying to achieve?

Hue Essentials does not support Google Home directly. However, the manufacturer of your lights/bridge may offer an integration with Google Home. You can use the official Google Home integration/app simultaneously with Hue Essentials. What type of bridge do you have?

Hey tbh i kinda forgot about this post.
I currently have it configured like following

Windows PC with deconz (Conbee 2) running on that
VirtualBOX with HomeAssisant running in it
And a duckDNS forwarded to my ip so Google can reach my lights when i use my Google nest.

It looks a bit complicated but it’s quite easy actually.

I can still use Hue essentials and i am able to use the whole Google suite.

Btw the light i use are Tuya smart Zigbee Bulbs from gledopto. (I was on a budget back then) would like to upgrade them over time to IKEA tradfri Bulbs.

It would be nice to have baked in support for Google home in the future because it would make this a lot easier