Google asistan a 2.bridge ekleme

Google asistana 2.bridge için nasıl ekleyeceğiz. Benim
90 tane hue ekipmanım olduğu için 2 ye bölmek zorunda kaldım. Ama 2.bridge tek hesap üzerinden ekleyemiyorum.

Hello, what you could do is add another user to your Google home. Then on that second Google account you can add another Philips Hue account.

Alternatively, you could create multiple Google homes.

I have the same problem. For now I have solved the problem by deciding which lights I need to control by Voice, and then control them from my first Bridge. All the lights that I mainly control with motions sensors, like outside, in the bathroom and in my staircase these lights and sensors are controlled with my 2nd bridge. For now I find it working very well.