Gledopto light dims when turned off in app

New user hoping for help. I’ve recently set up a Gledopto downlight in the Hue App. It works fine up to a point. It changes colour when prompted in the app etc. However when I press off in the app, it just dims to a low white/yellow colour. If I switch off the light from the wall switch it turns off properly. Any ideas as to how to turn it off on the app? Thanks for any suggestions.

You mentioned you are using the Hue app as well. Does the Hue app show the same behaviour as the Hue Essentials app?

What type of wall switch are you using? A smart wall switch?

Sorry, didn’t realise there was an essentials app! Very new to this so I apologise. I thought this was the main Hue community! Doh!
I’m only using the standard Hue app and a standard (non smart) wall switch.
Maybe I should post on the Hue community forum?

If the Philips Hue app has the same issue then there is not much we can do in Hue Essentials. I think it is best to get in touch with Gledopto about this.