Getting 2 Hubs working together?

Hi, I have over the last couple of years filled my house with multiple Philips Hue lights and dimmers, motion sensors etc. All worked well till recently when I discovered there is a limit per hub which explains some recent issues. So, I added another hub and setup an “Upstairs” and a “Downstairs” and reconnected the devices respectively.

They work Ok individually, but I think I’m running into a new issue/s. The original one (Downstairs) shows under Settings that it is connected to (my account). The new one (Upstairs) shows as being connected “Locally”. Each one sees and recognises the devices I have assigned to them. Now, it appears that I can only be connected to one hub at a time, is that correct?

Also, I have tried connecting the new one to my account, but am told it is already being used, is that correct? Can I not connect both hubs to work together?

If so, that then causes issues with linking them to, Alexa which I use to run all of this stuff. I also appear to be having issues getting it all to appear in Apple Home.

I know that’s a real mix of stuff, I hope it all makes sense. Can anyone tell me how to get all these working together, or have I made a mistake getting a 2nd hub? Would Google work better to control them all?

Any help appreciated :slight_smile: