Friends of Hue in TestFlight and Beta

The latest TestFlight and beta rolling-out has support for Friends of Hue. There are still a few things that need a fix. Let us know if you see anything strange.

Hello Robert, can I join beta test-flight? my Apple Id for test-flight id “”. I am IOS developer, my primary job smart banking apps for big digital banking provider in Czech Republic. But home automation is my hobby, I would like to help you with beta testing, later wit development. Best regards, Libor

You are welcome to join TestFlight through the link we will send you to your E-mail. Please open this in Safari.

Keep in touch regarding your future idea on development!


Thanks a lot for redeem code. It’s working, great. My setup is Homeassistant on Raspi, Hue bridge, Tradfri bridge, ConBee II USB stick with Phoscon integration to HomeAssistant, couple of IMMAX Neo Panels, lot of IKEA Remotes, Motion sensors and GU/E27 lamps. Waiting /impatient :)/ for Tradfri bridge support for iOS (can I help somehow, is there any known api how to integrate TF bridge?). Keep in touch, Libor

Trådfri uses COAP and on Android we use Californium lib. On iOS we need to find an alternative. We use lots of code through Kotlin multiplatform, so just need implementation for sending COAP messages.

Android specific code for COAP is only 169 lines calling to Californium. So with the right library, it is not much work for iOS. All other code is shared and should work.

More important is that we need permission (statement) from IKEA to prevent app removal by Apple.
See our post Apple legal issues [Resolved]

Hello Robert, Can I join the beta test-flight?. I have a test-flight/dev id but I don’t want to post it here. I’m iOS developer with some Apps in the store “jacks-apps”. I’m using Deconz and Tradfri and like to control it from one App besides the home App with use of homebridge.
Kind regards,

Hi Jack,

See this topic how you can join TestFlight which includes Trådfri support for now.

As IKEA does not support us with an official statement (for mainly Apple), we will not bring Trådfri support to our official release on iOS. IKEA has not provided us with a yes or a no since January 2020. This also means we will not invest time anymore on further development on Trådfri for iOS.

We strongly suggest reviewing a gateway from Phoscon which supports all Trådfri devices in Hue Essentials. From what I understand from your post, you found the excellent (deCONZ) choice already.

If someone is only using lights by IKEA, then a Philips Hue bridge could be suitable, too.

Hi I would like to test flight hue essentials. Could I possibly get a link?

Please see the following how to join TestFlight: Join the beta - Try new features before they are officially released

If you have any other questions, please create a new topic.