Finally fixed automation bug with motion sensor - help with time offset alert

I have been having problems with a room on a separate Hue bridge (LOL, thought that would fix the problem!) where the lights would not turn on to the proper value when coupled with a motion sensor. The lights would seemingly at random, and sometimes it would work fine (bright during daytime) and sometimes it would fail (low light during daytime). First I thought it was the controller, then a bug on the Bridge, installed a second Bridge - you get the idea.

I had almost given up on the setup when I was wondering if “maybe the lights are not getting the right command?” and started digging deeper. I noticed then that the “last triggered” date on the app for the motion sensor was in 1980!

I checked the Bridge setup via API and found indeed the Bridge was not connecting to the time server. A bit more google-fu helped me with a bug where sometimes (LOL) the Bridge would not sync time with some external service (apparently not NTP and not DHCP) - and the only fix would be to setup the Bridge with a static IP address. Voila! Problem fixed.

My feature request is for an alert on the app (Windows and mobile) if it determines that the Bridge is waaaaay off on the reported time vs actual. This would have helped me better debug the issue and get on the path to fixing it muuuuuch sooner.