Feature request TASMOTA


are the any Plans to implement TASMOTA Devices (I know this ist no ZIGBEE thing)?

Cheers Frank

No answer yet, does it mean “no”?

Hi Frank,

I added the Tasmota devices to our wish list. They are a different type of device so support needs to be added for them in Hue Essentials. There are many requests for different types of devices, so it will take time. Thanks for the idea!


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Hello Thomas,

any Tasmota related progress?
Please give a hint :wink:

Cheers Frank

Hello Developers of HueEssentials,

another month has passed by.
What’s the current stand of development for supporting tasmota?

This time an aswer would be nice… :wink:

Cheers Frank

Hello Frank, I am really busy with adding other features at the moment. Adding support for Tasmota devices will take time, sorry. There are a lot of other (more popular) feature requests I still need to implement. Kind regards, Thomas

Hello Thomas,

not a big problem - but it was a bit strange not to receive an answer …
Anyway, you generally do a good job!
Keep it up (but don’t forget TASMOTA)