External automation event on a TRÅDFRI gateway


Thanks for the tutorial.

I cannot select external events or conditions. Why?

Hi, what bridge are you using? You need a Philips Hue bridge, deCONZ gateway, or diyHue emulator for this. Are you creating an automation on the Automation tab like the tutorial?

Thanks Thomas for the fast and helpful answer.
I’m using the tradfri gateway, might look in to diyhue then for this. Would this work together with tradfri?

Yes, that would work on diyHue. You can pair your TRÅDFRI gateway with diyHue. Then you can control your TRÅDFRI lights from the diyHue bridge. And you can create automations in Hue Essentials that run on the diyHue gateway.

Please understand that this is a bit technical so it is only for advanced users.

If you would also like to customise the actions of your smart switches and motion sensors, then you would need another hub instead of your TRÅDFRI gateway, like a deCONZ (Phoscon) gateway. A deCONZ gateway connects directly to your Zigbee devices and replaces the TRÅDFRI gateway completely.

What exactly is your use case for an external automation event in Hue Essentials? What do you want the automation to do and what should trigger it?