Error 608 while creating automation


I’m trying to create an automation for a motion sensor which simply should:

  • set light color
  • set light brightness (with switch on)
  • wait
  • toggle light (to switch off)

Testing is fine and works as expected. Trying to save - regardless if in device automation or as stand alone automation - gives as result:

Unexpected response from bridge. Please try again later.
608 - /rules - Rule actions contain errors or multiple actions with the same resource address or an action on an unsupported resource

I checked already the bridge resources but there should be enough configuration space for these simple automation. Maybe anyone has a hint for me how I may proceed.

Have a nice saturday,

shame on me … struggled with this problem for weeks now. after reading other articles here I powered off and on again the bridges and all is fine now.

So thanks for you attention :wink: