Enrave & Dimmer Switch passive functionality

New to Hue products. Looking at the Enrave light for an internal space, specifically to use with the Natural light scene in lieu of a solar skylight for various reasons I won’t go into. The main reason being the ability for the light to gradually adjust colour temperature through the day which a solar skylight cannot. Preferring something a little set and forget for this use case. Interested in having a Bridge to control other things elsewhere in the house, hence the question. Couple of questions:

  1. Will the Dimmer Switch and Enrave still function in a basic sense (on/off and dim) regardless of no internet/no bridge/no network etc.? I’m guessing they would assuming they just communicate directly with each other via Zigbee? Essentially can the light and switch just operate in isolation together?
  2. If the Natural light scene is setup to run day in day out and then the connection to the dimmer switch or bridge or network goes out, will the Enrave just continue to cycle through the Natural light scene itself?
  3. Considering above two questions, if someone else eventually bought the house and had zero interest in engaging with Hue, would the Enrave and Dimmer switch just continue to function into the future as a simple on/off light with dimming functionality? I guess in this case said person would have to change dimmer batteries every so often, wouldn’t have control of light temperature, and wouldn’t get any firmware updates which might cripple the system over time. But essentially same as question 1, will the light and switch just work together in isolation.
    If you’ve read this far, thanks!