Effects stops working after a while (app put to sleep?)


First of all I love this app and it has brought a whole new level to my IKEA Trådlös system! Bought a lot of stuff in the app and have been experimenting with effects and the like which are working great, with one caveat.

Running the app on a Samsung Galaxy S10+, opening the app and selecting a group to start running some effects on, “Fireplace” for example. The effect starts running and all is working fine. Lock screen goes into action after 2 minutes and the effect continues working for 5-10 minutes then stops.

Often when it has stopped and I unlock my phone and look at the app I also get a warning stating that Hue Essentials could not find any gateways, this goes away after just 2-3 seconds after unlocking the phone, where half of the time the effects starts rolling again and half of the time I have to manually go into the effects section and start it myself.

Is this a common issue that has any solution? Suspecting that the app might be put to sleep after a while and that’s what’s causing this? I have added the app to the list of apps to never put to sleep though.

Any hints and tips on how to solve this would be much appreciated! :slight_smile: