Edit existing automation deletes all existing settings (wall switch or motion sensor)

Hi All,
I have a big problem in my Hue Essentials app (iPhone and Macbook).

When I go to a device, an Hue Motion sensor or a Hue Wall connector, and I open the settings and want to change the existing automation it causes to delete all the existing automations, the are all renamed to ‘Unknown’ and the settings that were in there are disappeared. And as expected the automations doe not work anymore.

So what I must do when I want to change an existing automation on a wall connector I note down (on paper) the existing automation. Then I delete them completely (first press, second press, etc…) and then I start all over setting them up.

Has anyone else have this problem?
Seems like a bug to me :frowning:

Kind regards,

Yeah, others hitting it also. I had to ask for a refund as the app is unusable in it’s current state and doesn’t seem to be getting any attention either. Emailed the developer but he didn’t acknowledge it as an issue. In fairness to him, he did refund me.