Easily migrate to a new WiFi-network?


I can’t seem to find definite information about the following, and I would like to figure out a solution that preferably does not include having to resort to “away from home” functionality while at home, OR a huge effort to set up everything a new.

In my current set-up, my Hue Bridge and Hue Essentials app are connected through a 2,4ghz WiFi-network from my private router. Some other smart devices are as well (albeit not through the Hue Bridge) and require being on the same network as the WiFi that my phone/laptop are connected to.

Our housing cooperative recently changed its internet infrastructure, meaning we now have a provider-supplied 5ghz WiFi-router and a different (additional) network. How can I easily migrate all of my Hue Bridge/Hue Essentials App settings to this new WiFi-network? Googling, it seems that this is easy with Philips’ own app but I cannot figure it out with the Hue Essentials app yet.

I could choose to keep everything connected as-is and not migrate, but it is preferable to use the new provider-supplied router/network for my phone/laptop. To be able to connect via Hue Essentials, I must then every time switch between WiFi-connections on my phone, before I’m able to connect…It is also just preferable to have EVERYTHING migrated to the new network, and not have some devices connected to network A and some through network B.

Hoping for some smart answers!