Doesnt save the color in kelvin

Hello, i wanted to test the app before buying the full premium. So far very good but…

I have 8 gu10 ambiancewhite spots in 2 rooms. I am using a hue dial. Everything is from philips hue.
I want everything always on 3000k and not 2700 as the house is on 3000k.

  1. i set power on with the custom color 3000k and save it. Even if i dont turn it off and on with the normal switch it always reverts back to 2257k and brightness 5% approxamately. I change it sll the time back to 3000k but it doesnt stay
  2. i did this color customs also for zhe room and the indidivual light and it doesnt save it
  3. i used only the app first without the dial and it doesnt work
  4. also tried with the dial and even i save it again for 3000k, as soon as i click on the dial to turn on, it goes back to the 2257k.

Thanks for the help