Disco/Dance Scenes not reacting to audio

I’ve been able to use the Sync scene fine to get video content to change the lights, but I’m unable to get the two audio scenes to work, they don’t appear to be reacting the any of the audio. Dance Sensation just flowly fades through the colors very slowly, and Disco just goes dark.

I’m using a Nvidia Shield pro, connected via HDMI 2.0b to my Samsung Q90T. Which outputs the audio via eARC to my Sonos arc.

What could be the cause, are there any audio settings/formats you suggest I check?

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I am having the same issue now. When the Android TV beta first came out, I thought I remember being able to choose which audio from my Nvidia Shield (“Audio” or “Microphone”). I no longer see that option and can not get it to sync with audio using Disco or Sound Sensation from Entertainment any more.

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Thank you for the details! I was able to reproduce the issue and will update the app as soon as possible with a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes, that is right. In the Android TV version of Hue Essentials I removed this option because there is no microphone on the TV that apps can use (see documentation). So Hue Essentials always uses Device audio now. If the Microphone option did work for you (maybe the documentation is incorrect), please let me know.

The bug should be fixed in Hue Essentials 1.14.4. I expect this update to be available on Google Play within a few days, it is still waiting for review by Google.

If you would like to try 1.14.4 earlier, you can get it from APKMirror. In that case make sure you download the Android TV version of the APK.