Default light state, time based

I come to Hue Edsentials from another app I used to use to control my lights: All4Hue. I don’t regret anything about the switch, but I miss a fundamental, essential, mainly option (wich is possible with All4Hue, and is not with HueEssentials): the ability to set a default scene/brightness/colour, ecc… of a group, on a time (mainly) or other things (if it’s possible) based.

Just to clarify, with All4Hue I was able to write a rule into the bridge that says: when a light group is turned on, from 7 to 22, forget the last group state and load the scene “X”. Is it possible with HueEssentials?!

Come on guys! No way? :pensive:
PS: happy new year to all! :blush:

+1 … I am interested, too.