Default light state, time based

I come to Hue Edsentials from another app I used to use to control my lights: All4Hue. I don’t regret anything about the switch, but I miss a fundamental, essential, mainly option (wich is possible with All4Hue, and is not with HueEssentials): the ability to set a default scene/brightness/colour, ecc… of a group, on a time (mainly) or other things (if it’s possible) based.

Just to clarify, with All4Hue I was able to write a rule into the bridge that says: when a light group is turned on, from 7 to 22, forget the last group state and load the scene “X”. Is it possible with HueEssentials?!

Come on guys! No way? :pensive:
PS: happy new year to all! :blush:

+1 … I am interested, too.

Seems interesting but I do not completely understand your use case. How are you turning on the group? If you are turning on the group in Hue Essentials, you should be able to just select a scene. If you would like to use a smart switch to switch on the group, you can already set different scenes based on time. Could you please explain your use case a bit more?

Sorry about the delay by the way, there are lots of emails at the end of the year.

Need something like this as well.
I Tried Hue Labs but it doesnt work well.

Where i need it for is, when i come downstairs when I press my Hue Switch/dimmer thingie I want energetic light so between 6-8am and during the night 6pm-12am i want bright for example if i press the same dimmer/switch

It is already possible to add time slots to a dimmer switch. Here is an example:

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It only works for me with the V2 version of DimSwitch with no problem.
I have also tried on the older version 1. But there it only allows to insert 2 time slots. When I add a third, the configuration disappears (!)

Of course I do this in the current version of H.E.

Does anyone have any idea of the problem? But if I specify e.g. sequential switching of different scenes, there is no problem even with 7 different scenes.

I think that it’s a bug. First set your 2 main time slots. add to them an action and then try to add a third time slot, then it should work with no problem and you can add more time slots if you need.

Problem solved, thank you :slight_smile:

I need some advice.
I’m using the Dimmer Switch (probably identical to the Smart Button) on the top button to feature time slots for different scenes (especially changing the chromaticity) according to the time of day.
Is it possible to set the same button to do something different (e.g. turn off the light) when pressed repeatedly?

I.e. one press triggers the time slot function, another press triggers e.g. switch off. And again and again.

I use the bottom button for other functions.

No that is not possible but what you can do is to use the long press feature and set other functions with a long press