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deCONZ sunset/sunrise no fade option when choosing scene

Since the introduction of the sunset and sunrise function on the deCONZ system I wanted to move all my hue lights to my Conbee II stick. When I added my front and backdoor light I went to configure it for sunset automation I discovered that the fade option is only available when I select the option to turn the lights off, when selecting scene the slider disappears.

For these lights I won’t need this function, because I use those on the lowest light level so fading is non-existent. For my living room I won’t like to get blinded by instantly maxing out lights, so is a missing feature for me.

Please developers, can you add this (for me essential (pun intended)) feature?

I added your feature request to the wish list for future development. Scenes are quite limited on deCONZ so we will first have to wait until they get improved.

See for example the following: