Dance sensation / Disco - lights pulse slowly and are off a lot


I’ve recently upgraded most of the rooms in my house to have either Hue or Lifx bulbs. I’ve also installed diyHue and Home Assistant. I’ve added all my Home Assistant devices into diyHue, so I am treating everything as if they are on a Hue Bridge.
The problem I am experiencing is that when using Dance Sensation or Disco on a Chromecast with GoogleTV, regardless of what settings I have, the lights are always disappointing. By that, the pulses are slow, and a lot of the time, bulbs are off or are very dim. It’s not so much of a party, sadly.
I am using 9 bulbs in total in one room in this instance, but I’ve tried on other rooms, even tried on the actual Hue bridge.
My question is, is this a bug? My request: Is it possible to add a sensitivity and speed option for those effects to make them respond a bit more lively?