Create effects on Android TV

Hi, I bought the “premium Upgrade” as well as two other effects (Christmas and Spooky). I cant seem to be able to play them in the Nvidia Shield. I obviously have the premium because I no longer have 30 seconds, and I can sync an entire movie. Am I doing something wrong? How can the effects that were purchased be activate. Thank you!

At the moment you need to create the effects on your phone and save them on the bridge. Then you can start and stop them in the Android TV app.

I understand that you would like to create effects on your TV. That is not possible at the moment, it is on the wish list for future development.

Thank you for your response. I’m very sorry if this sounds like a dumb questions. Why should I or anyone buy the upgrades add-on effect if we have to do the scene ourselves? also can I do what you suggested with an iPhone? How would I even began on how to create the “spooky” effect.