Crazy random Hue lights activity…

Hello. First time poster here. For about the last week or so, all of my Hue bulbs have been randomly turning on. I’ve done all of the usual troubleshooting. I’ve changed Zigbee channels, reset my modem and router, went through my routines on both the Phillips hue app, and Amazon Alexa, disabled all routines, looked at the activity on both apps, and I’m still at a loss to know what’s going on. Everything has been working fine for years and there have been no changes in the house or new equipment. I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s going on. Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes, starting in early April, my hue bulbs have started turning off randomly. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to the behavior. I am in a room with 7 hue bulbs, and 2 have turned off as I was writing this. I went to another room earlier and a light I haven’t turned on was on. All of the lights have been in continuous use for several years, and nothing has been added or changed in months. I also have many other smart bulbs, spots, and cameras, and only hue bulbs are having this problem,and it’s entirely random.

I spent a great deal of time trying to troubleshoot this. If you have Amazon Alexa skill tied to your Hue account, disable it. I went a week with all of my routines, disabled and the Amazon Alexa skill unlinked. A few days ago I slowly turned everything back on and now it seems to be OK. So it’s anybody’s guess as to what the real problem is but I hope this helps.

Finally solved my problem. Not sure when the android Alexa app added this “feature” (it seems absent in Apple version), but at the top of the “devices” screen is a new option called “Mode” with a toggle option between “Home” or “Away”. Mine was set to “Away”.

In away-mode lights will randomly turn on and off to look like someone is home. Set mine to, Home, no more wierdness.

I swear though, I have never seen or heard of this feature, much less activated it

Holy crap I can’t believe I missed that, I was this close of throwing away all my hue lights out the freaking window :man_facepalming: