Control multiple independent bridges in different installations/locations separately

Besides myself, my parents and some of my friends have Zigbee networks/bridges that I have access to when connected to their WiFi.
I have bought the Multi Bridge Upgrade to be able to connect to all of them. But now I have all devices of all the bridges always showing up on the home screen and devices list, which makes it hard to keep the overview.

Is there a way to filter for devices of a specific bridge or could such a feature be added?
(Favorites are no solution for this, as I need this feature mostly for maintenance (creating favorites would be one of these tasks).
Simply hiding devices of not connected bridges would not solve my problem either, as I have access to one of the remote bridges due to a LAN-LAN VPN. So I would really like to select/enable/disable bridges manually or based on the connected WiFi SSID.

Thanks in advance!

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I have 2 bridges home, one at the office and one in the summerhouse. Filter option/group option would be great. As it is now it’s a mess, so I had to delete summerhous and office