Control a Hue bridge remotely using a public IP address and port forwarding


So I am trying to manually add a Hue Bridge to my Hue Essentials app (Android, v1.18.1, upgraded for Multiple Hue Bridges) over the internet. Basically I’m trying to remotely control two different hue bridges in two different apartments.

I have the IP address and port forwarding set correctly, and it seems as though the app is able to find the hue bridge over the internet, I’m not getting an error message, but I’m stuck on the “Press the Push-Link button on the bridge” screen. No matter how many times I press the push-link button on the Bridge it won’t connect in the app, just stays on the screen until I back out of it.

Now, I’ve gotten the connection to work with a different 3rd-party app (Hue-Pro) but can’t get it to work with Hue Essentials. I am able to add the Hue Bridge to the app the normal/traditional way by being on the same wifi network but would really like to be able to add the devices remotely so I don’t have to travel to each apartment and set them up there. Also I have Out of Home control enabled on the devices.

Any advice, hints, or tips? Am I missing a setting somewhere?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Hello Robert, apologies for the delay, I have been very busy.

This should work fine. There have been some fixes for bridge connection in the latest app updates. So could you please try the latest update and see if you still have this problem?

Alternatively you can just sign in with a Philips Hue account and you can control your bridge remotely. See the following: How can I control my lights while away from home?

Does that not work for you as expected? Are there any features you are missing?

See also the following related feature request: Allow Hostnames in Bridge address