Condition: state of: hue smart plug

I’m pretty new to hue and hue Essentials.
Today i just played a little bit with the app, my original dim switch and a smart plug.
I wanted to set up the on/off Button to Control the smart plug. So i wanted to add the condition “state of device” (to turn on and off accordingly) but there is no device displayed. I just can use state of group and that works as expected.

My question is, what am i doing wrong or is that not supported yet (Show smart plug as state input?).
Or is that a pro Feature?

Regards, Daniel

At the moment you can only select a group for the state condition. Selecting a light/plug instead is on the wish list for future development, see: Funktion if light is on or off

For now you can put your light/plug in a new zone/group and use that with the group state condition.

After you have created a zone/group for your plug only, on the screen of your smart control, tap the wizard button, tap Set up selected button, and tap Toggle group.

See also the following for more information about the smart controls: Smart controls configuration (devices like switches or sensors)

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for your quick reply, so i know, for now it is not my fault or a Bug within my setup.

That Would be awesome, if that would be possible in future.