Can't pair diyHue Bridge, missing config field error


Cant pair my diyhue bridge running on latest docker.

After pushing the pair Button i get these error

Hi, there appears to be an issue with your diyHue configuration. In the response the config field is missing, which is not something I can fix. Please report this issue to diyHue or check the configuration yourself. Let me know if you have any questions.

Same issue here. And diyhue is well configured. Really can’t understand what’s wrong

Same issue as described, missignconfig field error message


Found the problem. I change the IP adress from diyhue Bridge but in his own config, the old one was still there. Was not able to change it, so i deploy the docker container again and everything was okay.

The IP address in my case is correct, both for the bridge and the gateway. No luck. I’m using DiyHue as an addon for Home Assistant.