Can't find bridge after triggered task by Tasker


I’ve different Tasker tasks which should start different Hue scenes in different situations.
One of them is my comming home profil: as soon as my mobile phone has connected to my wifi, Tasker should send out a Wake-On-LAN request to my NAS and turn the Hue lights in my living room on.
WOL works fine, but Hue Essentials says that it can’t reach my bridge. When I execute the task manually erverything works fine.
That happens to different tasks where I would like to execute a scene triggered by Tasker.
Adding a waiting time before executing the scene task didn’t solved the issue.

The only difference between the triggered and the manual run of the task is, that the display of my mobile phone is off/on respectively locked/unlocked. Could this have to do with it? Any other good ideas?

My mobile phone is an Pixel 3 with Android 10 and the latest security patches.

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Same here. I have a task for wake up with color lights, but I have the error “Can’t find the bridge”, and don’t work :sob:
I find a temporary solution: run the app Hue Essentials from Tasker before the line of the plugin, and work for me, but it would be nice if they fixed it.

I tried this before, but that didn’t worked for me.

I’ve removed the app from the battery optimization two weeks ago and it looks like that this solved the issue.