Can't connect to Hue Bridge v1

I’ve tried to link my Hue Bridge v1 but I am unable to do this. It’s discovered fine, but as soon as I press the link button, I get a message that there is no internet connection.

Does this have anything to do with the end of service of the v1 bridge?

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Thanks for reporting this. I was able to reproduce the issue and will update the app with a fix as soon as possible.

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Fixed in Hue Essentials version 1.21.2 on Android and 1.15.2 on iOS. The Android update is already available, the iOS update should be available within a few days. Please let me know if this update resolves the issue.

I also noticed that sometimes the v1 bridge is not discovered properly. That will be fixed in a future update. For now, you can use the connect manually option under advanced if your bridge is not found automatically. Or swipe down to refresh and it could appear.