Cannot update my bulb (BUG)

Hello, recently i bought a pack of hue bulbs, the frist one could install and update perfectly but the second one (which is the exact same model) is stuck downloading the update and never installing, i tried everything: Re-installing, changing the name, turning it on and off from the switch, using the HUE app and the Hue essentials to update but in the last one is were is frozen on downloading while the first just shows a blue “!” Saying to check if the lamp is turned on, which it is, i would love to fix this because i cannot use the animations without the update

Oh and yes, is a white a color bulb, both are, should i try unplugging the bulb and plugging it? Also i cannot stop the “looking for updates” in the HUE essentials app it just loops when i tap on “update lamp”

Never mind, it just took over an hour to update, but it fixed itself, i won’t delete this post so others can read it