Cannot connect to Bridge: Invalid JSON after adding Hue Go


I am using a Conbee II Stick with Deconz / Phoscon Version 2.20.01 / 19.9.2022; Firmware Version 26720700.

Everything works fine with Hue Essentials (connection, steering, …) until I add one specific Device to the Network. Its a Hue Go Smartlight. As soon as I connect this lamp to the Bridge, I cannot connect anymore through Hue Essentials.

The device works fine in Phoscon or other apps.

The error message is: Invalid JSON at 11183: Expected string or non-null literal.

Link to the device: Hue White & Color Ambiance Go tragbare Leuchte (neuestes Modell) | Philips Hue DE

I use Hue Essentials version 2.0.1 from Apple Appstore on an iPhone 12 Pro.
Is there anything I can do?
Thank you for your help!

Adding a bit more information, this is the entry within /api/<KEY>/lights which is affected:

"14": {
        "capabilities": {
            "alerts": [
            "bri": {
                "min_dim_level": 0.04
            "color": {
                "ct": {
                    "computes_xy": true,
                    "max": 65279,
                    "min": 153
                "effects": [
                "gamut_type": "C",
                "modes": [
                "xy": {
                    "blue": [
                    "green": [
                    "red": [
        "colorcapabilities": 31,
        "config": {
            "bri": {
                "startup": "previous"
            "color": {
                "ct": {
                    "startup": 336
                "xy": {
                    "startup": [
            "groups": [
            "on": {
                "startup": "previous"
        "ctmax": 65279,
        "ctmin": 153,
        "etag": "4b5b8127c8ddaa02d6097456f12c6412",
        "hascolor": true,
        "lastannounced": null,
        "lastseen": "2023-01-28T13:10Z",
        "manufacturername": "Signify Netherlands B.V.",
        "modelid": "LLC020",
        "name": "Wand",
        "productid": null,
        "state": {
            "alert": "none",
            "bri": 102,
            "colormode": "ct",
            "ct": 366,
            "effect": "none",
            "hue": 8417,
            "on": false,
            "reachable": true,
            "sat": 140,
            "xy": [
        "swconfigid": null,
        "swversion": "67.101.2",
        "type": "Extended color light",
        "uniqueid": "00:17:88:01:01:17:5a:8e-0b"

The problem seems to be connected to deCONZ REST-API plugin version v 2.20.1 in which the attribute was added. This commit in deCONZ REST-API plugin introduced the new behavior:

Hi @ulilicht, thanks a lot for the detailed feedback. It seems the error is happening due to the swconfigid field in the response being null. Hue Essentials does not expect a null value for this key. I will fix it in the next version of Hue Essentials which should be available within a few days.

I am not sure why this value is null, nobody else has reported this issue before. But the next update will just ignore a null value which will fix the app for you.

Thanks a lot Thomas! Let me know if you need any test feedback.


I’m having a similar (or the same) issue on Android.

Using deCONZ 6.18.0 on Home Assistant 2023.1.7.

I’m glad to hear that you already know how to fix it.
Is there also a new Android version coming soon?

I just ran in the same issue. Since @ulilicht tracked it down to a hue go, I checked mine in the phoscon pwa and recognized that the go is missing there, too.

Rolling back to another image worked, so I went over the last options and these are the results:
deconzcommunity/deconz:2.18.01 :white_check_mark:
deconzcommunity/deconz:2.18.02 :white_check_mark:
deconzcommunity/deconz:2.18.00 :x: (rebuild 3 months ago?)
deconzcommunity/deconz:2.19.00 :white_check_mark:
deconzcommunity/deconz:2.19.01 :white_check_mark:
deconzcommunity/deconz:2.19.02 :white_check_mark:
deconzcommunity/deconz:2.19.03 :white_check_mark:
deconzcommunity/deconz:2.20.00 :x:
deconzcommunity/deconz:beta :x:
deconzcommunity/deconz:2.20.01 :x:
deconzcommunity/deconz:stable :x:
deconzcommunity/deconz:latest :x:

edit: I filed an issue at github, but I guess technically the JSON is valid, so it probably won’t get fixed in the API.

An update for Hue Essentials is now available for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows, with a bug fix where this null value is ignored. Please update the app and let me know whether this resolved the connection error. Thanks for providing all the details.

Yep, it’s working fine. :+1: