Can‘t connect 3rd party lights any more

I tried with various ways to connect a 3rd party mirror light (villeroy & boch) as well as a glenopto led controller to my bridge, I have various other 3rd party lights attached in the past. The new ones won’t work. I tried it with an Echo hub, there it works just fine.
Now when i try to connect the lights via the essentials app I at least receive some exception from the hue bridge!
The hue app just stops the search with no light found, after it tried to establish the connection.
Here is the screen of the error, probably the bridge returns an html error page instead of a json response but at least we might find the cause with that.

Am I the only one which has problems lately?
Any help is greatly appreciated!

I just bought a Tradfri motion sensor from IKEA and haven’t been successful to get it to connect

Did you try it with the Hue Essentials app? Do you also get an error like in the screenshot?

Just keeps saying “No lights found”