Can’t add effect to bridge on IOS

Hello, I can’t add effects to the bridge. The effects are saving to device but does not do anything when I add to bridge. I am on the latest version of iOS with second generation hue hub with hue lights.


I have exactly the same issue.

I have ios latest version, latest app version.

Effects doesn’t work through bridge v2

Play button is inactive.

I have premium version


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Thanks for reporting this bug. It is fixed in the latest version (1.7.1 on iOS). It should be available soon, the update is currently being reviewed by Apple.

Hue Essentials version 1.7.1 is now live on the App Store. It should fix the play button and adding it to the bridge. Please let me know if all works fine now.

There are still some issues when saving it to “this device”, those will be fixed in version 1.7.2 which should be available soon.

Amazing!! Thank you so much! 5 stars!

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