Can not find bridge

Searched and found several old posts re this issue Hue app has no issue. However the Hue essential app cannot find the bridge. Spins forever and when i try manual method it just says oops something went wrong. Even tried deleting app and redownloading from app store App is version 1.29.9 running on P6P android 13

Any help would be appreciated

Are you using the v1 (round) or v2 (square) Hue bridge? Are all of the three light dots of the bridge on?

Could you please share a screenshot of the error message?

I factory reset my phone and reloaded everything and now everything appears to be working… Thanks for the prompt response!


From “Thomas Vos via Hue Essentials Community” <>
Date 10/18/2022 6:14:39 PM
Subject [Hue Essentials Community] [Devices] Can not find bridge