Can it match Casambi features yet?

I use Casambi but may convert to some Hue elements although till now Casambi I belive has more technical control which suits my application.

So I’ve worn my fingertips off looking but one scenario I’d to know if Hue can compete with…

Motion trigger activates a scene.
Scene fades in, fade timer adjustable.
After a defined time without motion, the scence transitions to another scene. Again fade time adjustable.

I can do this easily with Casambi, but can any form of Hue achieve the exact same behaviour yet?

Anybody got feedback?

Do I understand correctly that you are looking for more advanced automations than what is currently available in Hue Essentials?

Hi Thomas. It seems so based on my testing and what I can find in labs. Without specifically purchasing a motion sensor I am unable to fully explore the options. It is also a shame Hue does not have a demo mode for this reason.

Hue Essentials has a demo bridge. With the demo bridge you can also try out configuring a motion sensor.

To connect the demo bridge, tap the advanced button on the connect bridge screen.

(You may need to delete your real bridge in Hue Essentials temporarily as the multiple bridges function is paid. After testing the demo bridge, delete it and switch back to your real bridge).

Also here is a page with the features explained which you can use in combination with a motion sensor: Device state automations (smart switches, motion sensors, lights, and plugs)

To answer your question, scene fading is not currently supported. However, I am currently working on that and already have it working here. I expect to update the app with that feature within a few weeks (it will be called “Automations”). If you would like to try this feature out earlier please let me know and I can add you to a testing group.

The new automations feature is now available. Many new types of setups are now possible. For more information on the automations, see the following topic and linked topics: Automation in Hue Essentials

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Is there any type of automation that you are currently missing in Hue Essentials?