Can an automaton be created: Preventing changing the brightness

Is it possible to create automation that prevents the user from changing the brightness of the light during a certain time period (e.g. 23:00-7:00).

Currently I have this automation:

The problem is that it only works once - the brightness changes if it is changed twice.

It is not possible to prevent someone from changing the brightness of a light. Unfortunately, it is also not possible to use brightness changes in events, due to Hue bridge limitations.

However, if you use smart switches, you could add a TIme condition on those so they can only change brightness when you want. But it is not possible to prevent someone from changing the brightness in other places (like in the app).

What is your use case for this feature?

This is because your automation is only triggered when the light is switched on initially, and not on brightness changes.

hello, as a workaround, if you are on android, you could use the free smarthinghs app which provides the possibility, through routines, to manage events in the event of a change in brightness (also with multiple conditions). or in h.e. you could solve this with a motion sensor near the light you are interested in managing and taking advantage of the automations that provide the possibility of monitoring the lux of the sensor. in any case we are not talking about “preventing”, but about managing the restoration of brightness which, i understand, you are interested in keeping set in a “fixed” way