Bulp egnition sequence start/stop

Why not separate the way a bulp turns on from the sensors, switches and scenes so sensors, switches and scenes only decide color and level.

Then on each bulp you can decide 4 values.

  1. Delayed egnition
  2. Ramp up time
  3. Delayed turn off
  4. Ramp down time.

Then you can make your hall way turn on with delays in all situations…

Then you can set the ramp up time to 1,8 seconds on all your lamps, but delay them differently like this:

Lamp 1 delay 1.0 sec
Lamp 2 delay 1.2 sec
Lamp 3 delay 1.4 sec
Lamp 4 delay 1.6 sec
And so on
In this way they will turn on 0.2 seconds after the previous lamp.
And the turn of sequence could look just as cool, like around the house or in the driveway.
If you then want to make a special scene or an effect then you can mark “Over rule egnition sequence”