Bugreport configuring Motion Sensor

I cannot configure the Motion Sensor. If I change times or set conditions, all configuration for this sensor gets lost. The app freezes and crashes. After that saying, that the configuration has to be resetted for this sensor.

I now have to use HueLabs instead.

There is going to be a huge motion sensor update coming in the next few days. Release 1.9.3 has many fixes and additional stuff for the motion sensor (Android). Release 1.3.3 on iOS will take some more time as it is going to be pending Apple review which has a major delay at the moment.

Hi, could you try out the latest version of Hue Essentials and let me know if that resolves your issue?

I am trying to configure a Hue dimmer switch using the “suspend motion” command. Every time I try and add it, I get the error “Your motion sensor has an unsupported configuration”. I have factory reset both the motion sensor and switch. I have attempted to add the switch and sensor via the Hue Essentials app, the Hue app and HomeKit (resetting both devices before doing so each time). I am new to the app; am I doing something wrong?

iOS 13.5
iPad and iPhone
All apps up to date
Devices firmware up to date

Have you set up the motion sensor in Hue Essentials (using the wizard) before adding the Suspend motion sensor action to your dimmer switch? This action will cancel the motion sensor actions, so the motion sensor needs to be configured first.

Also in case you haven’t noticed already, the Suspend motion sensor action has been renamed to Cancel motion sensor actions in the latest version to make it more clear what the action does.