Brightness settings

Hi, I wish brightness settings would be easier/different.

Like, when I use the Android homescreen widget there’s no setting for power on brightness behaviour as far as I’ve looked.

When I program my dimmer switch functionality I have to first add a scene, effect or colour and I have to separately add another function called set brightness. I wish brightness would be more integrated within the scene or effect itself, so I can create, edit or choose different presaved scenes/effects with a brightness setting already embedded within it.

TL;DR - Integrate brightness settings within each effect and/or scene. There’s no good way to do this as of now.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. This should already be possible but maybe it is not clear enough.

When creating a scene, on the screen where you position the lights, you can tap a light. Then you can set the brightness for that selected light at the top. Repeat this for the other lights. Now whenever you activate this scene or use it on a dimmer switch, it will use that brightness.

For the effects, create a new effect or edit an already created effect. Tap Show advanced settings, switch on Set initial brightness and select a brightness. Now save the effect.

Please let me know if this answers your question.