Bought upgrade but Touchlink still does not work

Hi all,

as I did not find a solution somewhere else, I open a new topic:

I just bought the Essentialsapp for IOS to get Tradfri equipment connected to my Hue via Touchlink. Unfortunately the touchline button still only says “Touchlink* Premium” and does not respond to anything and even the recovery of purchases does not work. Reinstalling the app and Restarting did not change anything. Any Ideas?

Thanks for your support in advance,

Kind regards, Pombay

Hi Pombay,

the touchlink button will always show Premium even if premium is purchased. If you tap the touchlink button it should show a small Touchlink popup at the bottom of the screen. That means touchlink is working. It could take multiple tries before the light reacts to touchlink. You also may need to switch the light off and on first. Do you get this popup message?

If the popup does not appear but it just opens the upgrade screen, it means that premium is not detected properly. In that case, could you let me know if the upgrade screen shows Premium as purchased or if it still shows the price or buy?

Regards, Thomas

Hi Thomas

Have also purchased the premium upgrade, solely for the touchlink function, for integration of the Trädfri switch for the kids loft bed.

Must say is more miss than go. Took me a whole evening of countless tries to get the first switch going. Finally worked ecstatic.
Next morning tried to get the second going. Again countless tries, though finally worked. Relieved this time.
Only to find after successfully pairing the 2nd switch the 1st switch no longer working.
Now after trying to re-pair the 1st, neither are working with constant errors. See emails sent to support.
At this stage regret the purchase thinking I should have rather purchased the bulkier hue switches.