Automations won’t work


Does other iphone users suffer from this:

Automations wont work at all and other app as a start point of automation wont save.

Hue Essentials shows some existing automations of other apps saved on the bridge. What app did you use to create these? They may not work properly as shown by the red warning icon. If you would like to create automations using Hue Essentials, it is best to tap the + button to create a new one. Let me know if you have any questions.

@Thomas these are added after i create one new automation. Automations page was empty before.

I have three hubs. Other two had some hue original app settings i did zero all buttons and automations. These automations are created when i create one automation in brand new hue hub that has never added to hue original app. Now it accepted one automation to control group with delay and shut down. But external option still is not working and gives hub busy pop-up. And the one that has succesfully created works on old hub. New hub says busy to all.

Hello, I have the same problem when I want to set up an accessory. Error messages are displayed with a red triangle “:small_red_triangle: unknown”. I can’t configure as I want

I got similar problem as it will not let me create a new automation. It says saving failed, please try again. I have made sure everything is up to date and even “cleaned up” my bridge with no help. Any suggestions?