Automations tabs

Why put all automations in one tab, I have 70 automations, when it was shedule tab in every group it was easy to find, now when you want to change one automation most of the time is to find it, giving up automation now

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Thanks for the feedback. Could you please let me know what type of automations you are using? Are they all time based? How many groups/lights, etc. That could help me understand how to show them better using for example filter options.

I have 17 groups, 40 lights and switches. Most of them is on/off two times a day and changing brightness during night, and different times on different days.
Changing time on them different time of the year becaus The wery bright summernights and dark winters.
Have some switches for heaters that I change time almoust every week.
A philips sensor that is used to turn on the light (change brightness and colour) when there is movement and to control switches at different temperatures.