Automation: what shall be done turns to “unknown”

when creating automations the reaction, so what shall be done, e.g. starting a scene at a certain time, turns to “unknown” after I save the automation when opening it the next time.

When saving, the dialogue does not close but stays open so I can only cancel the creation of the automation, nevertheless a new automation is stored but with unknown reaction.

With an unknown reaction the automation does not work either.

I have an old automation (lights off at a certain time in the evening) which has been created identically some weeks ago which still works but I cannot create a new one (lights on at a certain time in the morning).

Can anyone help me? I am using the iOS app premium v. 1.21.2.


Thanks a lot for reporting. Could you please share a screenshot just before saving the correct automation? Also a screenshot of the scene action in detail?

What type of bridge are you using?

Hi Thomas, thank you for your quick reply! I am using the original Philippa hue bridge (newer version) and it’s Software is up to date.

Screenshots see below (sorry for German language pack):

Thank you for the screenshots. Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce the problem and will have to look into this further.

There will be an update (1.22.0) with lots of improvements and fixes for the automations. This could solve your issue and I hope it will be available within a few days/weeks. Currently this update is still in testing.

Hi again, would you be interested in signing up for the beta updates? A new update 1.22.0 (6) is available in Apple TestFlight which may or may not fix this issue. See for details: Join the beta - Try new features before they are officially released

Note that beta version could be more unstable that App Store versions, so please keep that in mind. If you do not want to join, please wait for the update on the App Store. You can always switch back from TestFlight to App Store by uninstalling the Hue Essentials TestFlight version, and reinstalling it from the App Store.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Thomas thank you for the invitation for beta testing, as I have loads of complex automations and devices programmed in the app I would not like to risk losing the existing implementation, so maybe for me it’s probably better to wait for an update of the app