Automation not working

Hi, I just created an automation and all that happens is I get a bunch of unknown automations appear! Looks like a bug to me? Can anyone help please?

Same here. Reproducible.

Lots of “unknown” actions and conditions are inserted on their own into the automation rules. You hit back and then end up in the situation in the screenshot. You then have to delete everything and re-add all of the associated automatons for the device. (and cross your fingers that it doesn’t reoccur as you re-add them)

Yeah I deleted them and tried again same thing happens. I just pad £5.99 for this all I wanted to do is have my lights turn off after 10 mins first thing I tried failed. Bit disappointed in their buggy app tbh.

Yeah, it’s not usable as is. For what it’s worth I emailed the dev to ask for a refund and to his credit he did refund me.