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App suggestion - virtual switches for state communication with Homekit

Hi there -

I have been trying to work out how to add a virtual switch to my Hue setup - and ended up deep into APIs and CLIs trying to add a CLIPGenericFlag device….and it’s all above my head so i have given up!

However, i have bought your app, and think it would be a great addition to allow adding virtual switches - my use case is:

I have friends of hue switches (actually the reason i bought your app, the homekit and Hue config for these is so limited!) and i want to have the HOLD action on one of them run a homekit shortcut. Homekit only sees the PRESS actions on the switches and i need those for the actual lights, so i can’t just do this directly.

Since your app allows configuring the HOLD actions of the switch, it seems that if i had a virtual switch on the Hue bridge i could have that as the intermediary that both the app and Homekit can “see”. What do you think? Similar things exist for homekit (via homebridge dummy switch plugin) but i need the switch to be on the Hue bridge.