App crashes when configuring Hue Motion Sensor

I have a Hue bridge, some bulbs, a panel and some IKEA Trådfri stuff. Recently I added a Hue Motion Sensor. I configured everything with the official Hue App from Philips/Signify.

For the Motion Sensor I tried a formula from Hue Labs (within the Hue app). I was looking for a different way to configure this Motion Sensor and thought I’d give it a try with Hue Essentials. On configuring the behavior of the Motion Sensor in Hue Essentials, the app crashes. So far all the time. I’ve got a GUID-code to show:

Thanks for letting me know. Could you let me know what you are trying to configure? Are you adding an action, or using the wizard, etc? Does Hue Essentials show something about an unsupported configuration or so?

I’m using the wizard, haven’t seen a message about something unsupported. I think it happens when the wizard comes to the “no motion detected” part.

Could you let me know which Hue Labs formula you used before Hue Essentials?

That is “Sensing the weekend” (I didn’t think of that name, Philips did :smirk:)