App crash when configuring Friend of Hue wall switch

When I try to configure one of mine Friends of Hue wall switches, I want to make use of the option to select different scene’s when pressing one button. This worked before, but i wanted to tweak this. But all of sudden the app crashes everytime I open the certain switch. When I delete the switch with the normal Hue app, I can access it again. But when I add the press step function it crashes again. Identity 8285B2AB-597E-4DB6-B0B7-A5AB0F964C9A

Thanks for reporting. I was able to find a crash with your crash identifier. I will look into it and fix it in a future update.

The crash will be fixed in Hue Essentials version 1.14.0 on iOS and 1.12.0 on Android which should be available within a few days. At the moment, you can work around this issue by resetting your smart control in the Hue App, and then you should be able to configure it in Hue Essentials.