App Crash - Sync - Screen Setup

Hi All, apologies if this is not the correct place. I am currently testing out the Hue Essentials App with a LIFX Z strip.

I have installed the Hue Essentials app on Android TV (Sony Bravia X85J) I am able to control the lights through the app however when running the sync function I only get a solid color which seems to change with the most common color on the tv rather than a gradient against the frame of the tv. I believe to correct this I would need to go to the screen setup and configure the zones in line with the tv. unfortunately when going to the screen setup option the app appears to crash and im taken back the tv home screen.

Don’t suppose anyone else is facing this issue or if there are any workarounds.

Many thanks,

Hello Kareem, thanks for the feedback. You are correct that you need to use the screen setup to get multiple colours on your LIFX Z Strip.

It looks like something is going wrong in your situation as the app should not close or crash. I was not able to reproduce the issue on my TV with a LIFX Z Strip.

Could you please make sure you have the latest version of the app and try again? The latest version currently released is 1.24.3.

Would it be possible for you to download Hue Essentials on your phone and see if the screen setup works there? That could be useful for me to look into the issue so I know whether it is a TV specific issue.

Hi Thomas thanks for your reply!

Ive checked on the tv and am indeed using the latest version installed from the playstore

I did try installing the app also on my tablet and was able to enter this view from the tablet and configure the strip from here correctly.

Happy to help if theres any additional debugging info i can provide.

Many thanks,