Android TV (NVIDIA Shield Pro 2019) / Please tell me how you can use it

I am a mobile app buyer. I am very satisfied and are using it.
The TV at home uses a shield TV.
I tried to extract and install the mobile app, but it turns out that it is impossible.
Is there a way to use it on Shield TV?

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Are there any applications for Android TV (Nvidia Shield TV)?
I tried to extract and use the mobile app, but it says it’s impossible.
Hue Essentials cannot be found in the Android TV App Store.

Hue Essentials is available for Android TV and is compatible with the Nvidia Shield Pro. Hue Essentials should be available on all Android TVs (at this time).

On your Android TV, please open the Google Play Store app. Search for “Hue Essentials”. You should see Hue Essentials and you can install it there.

If that does not work for you, please open the following on your PC:
Tap the Install/Installed button, select your Android TV, and tap Install. Then it should appear on your Android TV within a few minutes.

Let me know if you have any questions.