Android app permissions - Why does Hue Essentials need them?

Why do you need to grant all these permissions in Hue Essentials on Android? I will try and explain some more requirements in detail, so you can see why these permissions are requested.

Location (optional)

Camera (optional)

  • Sync your lights with your camera
  • Scanning QR code for Trådfri gateway
  • Creating scenes from photos
  • Selecting photo for group

This permission does not allow Hue Essentials to gather your photos; they are safe with you on your device and Hue Essentials does not need further access to them. When you want to select a photo in Hue Essentials, another app like Gallery is opened, and Hue Essentials can only see selected photos in that app. Photos remain on your device and are not uploaded.

Microphone (optional)

  • Dance sensation audio input
  • Disco audio input

When the microphone is being used, you can often see this in the notification area. The microphone is only used when you start entertainment programs like mentioned above. It is stopped directly afterwards and no audio is stored or transmitted elsewhere. Let’s keep things private!

Run foreground service

  • Run effects in background
  • Run entertainment programs in background
  • Show control notification
  • Automation (widgets, Tasker plugin)

Access Bluetooth settings & pair with Bluetooth devices

  • Required to scan and connect with Hue Bluetooth lights

If you are using non-Bluetooth lights only, then this permission is not accessed. The location permission is used when the app scans for your Bluetooth devices like lights.

Allow Wi-Fi Multicast reception

  • Required to connect with LIFX lights

Control vibration

  • Vibration feedback when setting motion sensor sensitivity

Google Play Billing service

  • In-app purchases

This service is needed to keep your purchases active and is needed for Hue Essentials to see what you purchased. It communicates with the Google Play Store.

Run at startup

  • Show control notification on device startup

Have full network access & view network connections

  • Access network to control bridges and lights
  • Analytics and crash reporting using Google Firebase
  • Retrieve (Flickr) photos for scenes
  • Generate a QR code for Trådfri Gateway; this allows the app to get another phone/tablet connected. It uses Google Charts to generate this code.

Prevent phone from sleeping

  • Run effects in background
  • Run entertainment programs in background

When this service is used a persistent notification is shown at that time to indicate this.

Play Install Referrer API

View Wi-Fi connections

  • Required to connect with LIFX lights

Change your audio settings

  • Dance sensation audio input
  • Disco audio input

Install shortcuts

  • Required to add group shortcuts to your Home screen

Still confused?

Let me know in the comments what you are concerned about and we will try and clarify this for you. Hue Essentials is safe to use and this should be clear to you. Any questions about this topic are appreciated.

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